I can't find a way to quit Pidgin under Ubuntu/GNOME 3

Mathieu Dubois duboismathieu_gaas at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 11 14:02:46 EST 2014


I'm using Pidgin for years under various distribution and it always 
worked well. However since my upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04, using GNOME 3, I 
can't find a way to quit Pidgin. Simply put I want to start pidgin (not 
at login) and be able to quit it when I want like any other application.

AFAICS, there is no "quit" option in Pidgin menu. When I click on "quit" 
in Pidgin top icon, all the windows are closed but Pidgin remains active 
which is very annoying and (as pointed by some users) potentially 
dangerous (since anybody in front of the computer will also have access 
to the contact list for instance).

I have found several messages on the same problem but it's not very 
clear. My questions are then:
   1) is there a built-in way to quit Pidgin that I have missed?

  2) is there any plugin/gnome-shell extension that can provide a "quit" 
button as a temporary fix?

   3) would it be possible to have a quit icon/menu entry that really 
closes Pidgin?

Thanks in advance,

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