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Mik Scheper pidgin at
Sun Dec 7 22:42:23 EST 2014

Ah, yes, that seems to have been it—I'm on 2.10.9, and as soon as I 
disabled my MSN account in Pidgin, the bandwidth became reasonable again.


On 27/11/14 16:01, Makoto wrote:
> What version of Pidgin are you running, and with what services/protocols?
> If you're running 2.10.10 or earlier, and are using an MSN Messenger 
> account, you'll want to upgrade to the current version (2.10.11). 
> Microsoft's blocking of the version of MSN Messenger Pidgin was 
> claiming to be inadvertently caused Pidgin to generate more traffic 
> than usual, trying to connect.
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