Trouble for logging in via android

David Woolley forums at
Mon Apr 28 04:47:51 EDT 2014

On 28/04/14 08:36, Siphamandla Ngema wrote:
> I cant logging. I cant have an access to fill in my username. It says"
> status :-1. Please check internet connection"

There is no version of Pidgin that runs on Android!

If you are simply using the Android as a WiFi to mobile internet gateway 
it is possible that the mobile network blocks your IM service provider, 
or a whole sub-class of IM services, to protect their SMS revenue.  It 
is also possible that its DNS implementation is incomplete and you are 
using a service that requires a better DNS implementation.

In any case, you need to identify which service you are trying to use, 
any mobile network (and specific product), and the exact role, and 
nature, of the Android device.

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