Webcam Problem

Barspin barspin at
Thu Apr 24 04:23:59 EDT 2014

Hello everybody and thanks for reading this,

I've been having some problems to run the webcam on pidgin, the webcam 
(Eye PS3)  is detected but when the
conversation starts, it doesn't sends the image/sound to the other 
computer. ( and it doesn't receive neither)

Pidgin is installed on a GNU/Linux Mint pc and im trying to communicate 
with a  GNU/Linux Debian Wheezy pc. It is kinda strange because when the 
conversation starts, we are both able to see our webcam, but not the 
webcam of the other person. ( On the Debian Pidgin alredy has been 
tested with another Debian pc and there was no problem at all )

On the Mint PC:
Skypes works good and the video/image are shared.
The webcam is detected on Cheese.

Could anyone help me? i guess that you will need maybe details such as 
the lspci? for any detail mgs me and i'ill send it. ( i didn't send it 
because actually my pc is the Debian PC, and the Mint PC is in other 
country, so i have to ask by phone to some one to send me what i ask )

I hope to find a solution because i do not support privative software 
and making pidgin work would be great!

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