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On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 11:26 AM, Julie Andriolo <julie at> wrote:

> Hi Tres,
> I am completely confused.  Why would my IT department be able to help me?
They are a good place to start, especially when asking for help with a

 Is this linked to my email account somehow?

This depends what service you are using.   Pidgin works with a very large
amount of services (for example:  Google Chat, Facebook, AIM, Yahoo, and
many others).

In nearly every case, your client was set up by either you or someone
internal to your organization.

You've contacted a mailing list that helps people with the Pidgin software.
 It's like contacting Microsoft when you can't get into your Gmail.
 Microsoft may have made Internet Explorer, but they can't reset your Gmail

Does that help?

So yes, please contact your internal IT Department as originally suggested
and they should be able to provide assistance on this matter.

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