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Thu Apr 3 00:44:29 EDT 2014

Looking to increase traffic with-


My name is Darren, I am an analyst from install-team, after looking at your
site and showing it to my supervisors we decided to offer you cooperation,
we value your site highly.

I have no doubt you are losing money/ traffic every day, my manager wants
to have a quick chat with you, and show you the benefits in partnering up.

Note that we work with some of the strongest sites in the WWW and have
proven time after time that we are a good solid and innovative partner.
I would appreciate it if you'll send me a reply/ Skype ID of the best
person to talk to?

Looking forward to hearing back,

Best regards,



Darren J.Pleasant

Accounts Recruiter

Email: DarrenJPleasant at <nitsan at>
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