Display name issue

Santhosh Thottunkal thottunkal at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 13 05:48:01 EDT 2013

One more question: In the chat window, is it possible to select a 
particular font to type in?

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>Under Accounts settings, for FB account, cick Modify and put what you 
>want in 'Local alias'.
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>>Hello Sir / Madam,
>>I am using Pidgin messenger, and it is a good program. But one problem 
>>I am facing is: when I send a message, rather than my name it appears 
>>something like this: -102002125168078 at chat.facebook.com/spGnGhkp. And 
>>it is not that good to see. How to remove it that way and show my name 
>>/ user ID instead? Also, when the other person sends me msgs, 
>>something similar happens.
>>Please reply, and it will be appreciated much.
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