GnuTLS error (I think). Connecting through proxy to office communicator

Jeff Eberl jeffrey.eberl at
Thu Sep 5 17:45:23 EDT 2013


I'm trying to use pidgin to connect to our office communicator server. I 
have to use a proxy. This problem shows up when I first start pidgin, 
and through a day or so of trial and error, I connected once, but I 
think that was a fluke because I couldn't connect on the restart, and 
following the steps I had just taken didn't make any difference (I 
deleted everything in my .pudgin/certificates folder).

Pidgin: 2.6.6
libpurple: 2.6.6
gnutls: 2.4.1
pidgin-sipe: 1.11.2 or 1.16.1, both built from source.

Usually, the main GUI says either "Read Error" or "Write Error". The 
logs (with PURPLE_GNUTLS_DEBUG=7) show a message like this:

(15:22:37) *gnutls:* lvl 7: READ: Got 0 bytes from 14
(15:22:37) *gnutls:* lvl 7: READ: read 0 bytes from 14
(15:22:37) *gnutls:* lvl 7: 0000 -
(15:22:37) *gnutls:* lvl 2: ASSERT: gnutls_buffers.c:638
(15:22:37) *gnutls:* lvl 3: XXX[]: ret: 0 Success.
(15:22:37) *gnutls:* lvl 3: XXX2[]: ret: 0 Success.
(15:22:37) *gnutls:* lvl 2: ASSERT: gnutls_record.c:921
(15:22:37) *gnutls:* receive failed: A TLS packet with unexpected length 
was received.
(15:22:37) *connection:* Connection error on 0x2b831d1ec9f0 (reason: 0 
description: Read error)

or if it's a write error:

(15:06:42) gnutls: lvl 7: WRITE: Will write 693 bytes to 15.
(15:06:42) gnutls: lvl 2: ASSERT: gnutls_buffers.c:835
(15:06:42) gnutls: lvl 2: ASSERT: gnutls_record.c:460
(15:06:42) gnutls: send failed: Error in the push function.
(15:06:42) sipe: transport_canwrite_cb: written <= 0, exiting
(15:06:42) connection: Connection error on 0x2b9bedc20fd0 (reason: 0 
description: Write error)

I'm assuming this is my problem. I don't see anything else that's as 

Thank you,
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