Pidgin services blocking

David Woolley forums at
Wed Sep 4 16:46:08 EDT 2013

On 04/09/13 07:47, Prateep.HR wrote:
> Dear support

There isn't a support organisation; this is just a public mailing list 
to which users and some of the developers are subscribed.

> Please help us in blocking outer services in Pidgin . We want to allow
> only XMPP services for the Client Users how to do this .

XMPP is actually a protocol not a service.  As it used by both 
Facebook's and Google's IM services, if your concern is time-wasting, 
removing support for everything except XMPP will still leave at least 
two services that many businesses would consider time wasters.

Also, as is always stated when this question is asked, it is fairly easy 
for end users to locally install the bits you take away to block other 

Basically, you simply remove the plugins for the protocols you don't 
want used.  However, the recommended way of doing it is to block access 
to unwanted services in your firewall, not on the end user machines.

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