pidgin disconnects, finch stable

Tres Finocchiaro tres.finocchiaro at
Wed Sep 4 09:59:46 EDT 2013

> any pointers on how to make that setting permanent, so the icon will do
> that?

Please try this (Tested in Ubuntu 12.10)

sudo gedit '/usr/share/applications/pidgin.desktop'

Change the line:

> Exec=pidgin


> Exec=pidgin -f

If you've created any shortcuts elsewhere, you will want to make this same
change on those files.  They are usually ".desktop" file extensions.

Or, alternately, you can create a file in /usr/sbin called "pidgin".  Use
this method with extreme care:

sudo gedit /usr/sbin/pidgin

Paste this:

> echo "Starting pidgin -f..."
> /usr/bin/pidgin -f $@ &
> exit 0

Make the file executable:

> sudo chmod +x /usr/sbin/pidgin

Now all calls to "pidgin" *should* use your newly modified version.  Test
this by launching it from the command line, and you should receive a
message "Starting pidgin -f".  Modify to your needs.


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