web client

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Sun Sep 1 04:36:44 EDT 2013

On 01/09/13 02:12, thufir wrote:
> It would be interesting if there were a web client to login for Pidgin.

You can't login to Pidgin.  It is a conduit for logging into other services.

Pidgin, itself, is the GTK+ front end for libpurple, so can't provide a 
web interface.  It would be possible to create a web service using 
libpurple, but it would need to have a  user interface that was 
optimised for running in a web browser.

(Anyone could, of course, run Pidgin under a VNC virtual X-Server and 
have their web sight download a Java VNC client, but the web browser 
would be largely out of the circuit once the client had loaded, and 
network bandwidth usage would be far from optimal.  There are real costs 
in operating a web service, so they would have to come up with a 
business model for funding this.)

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