Language compatibility issue

David Woolley forums at
Thu Oct 31 04:53:45 EDT 2013

On 31/10/13 02:21, Sai Ganesh Popuri wrote:
> I have installed Google Input Tools
> <>. It has been working fine
> in all windows applications(Please refer screenshot taken on Notepad on
> right side in attached image). But in Pidgin chat(i am using 2.10.6),
> the language text(Telugu) is getting distorted. Can you please let me
> know if there is any configuration needed to make Pidgin support
> multiple languages ?

Unfortunately, I believe the problem lies in GTK+, the GUI widgets 
library, not in Pidgin itself.  In general Pidgin does support multiple 
languages, but it will delegate this level of formatting to GTK.  GTK+ 
is used by a lot of open source software.

Although the screen shot isn't very clear, I assume that there is a 
problem with ligatures or with vowels that are written before the 
preceding consonant group.

Just in case your other applications are doing their own Indic script 
support, you should make sure that complex scripts support is installed 
in Windows (you didn't actually identify the OS).

If you are using Pidgin as part of your work with Oracle, you would 
probably be better off contacting their IT department, who should then 
be able to consult this list at a more technical level, if they are 
unable to solve the problem themselves.  Although this problem doesn't 
seem to be Oracle specific, this list gets a lot of requests from Oracle 
employees that can only be handled by Oracle's IT department, because 
they relate to the operation of Oracle's internal servers.

Ultimately it was their responsibility to evaluate the suitability of 
Pidgin, and, as it is open source, they have the option of improving, or 
adapting it, themselves, ideally contributing the results back to the 

> FYI Previous mail with screenshot failed as it is more than 100KB. So
> compressed the image.

If you use PNG and avoid any JPEG intermediates or photograpy, you 
should be able to get a screenshot, or at least a single window within 
the size limit without any loss of detail, although personally I am not 
a fan of large attachments on mailing lists.

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