Secure chatting OTR (Pidgin, IM+ video review)

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Tue Oct 29 08:55:13 EDT 2013

*Hi, would you please send it to your Editorial Stuff ?*

I am writing you from Shape Company. Few days ago the popular Instant

with absolutely FREE OTR encryption appeared in the App Store.

Also Android users got free OTR in their apps. Previously off-the-record

was able like in-app-purchase in IM+ apps.

I assume you will be interested to watch this video
Off-the-Record (OTR) Encryption for Instant Messaging in IM+ Pro7, Pidgin
and Adium <>

Also I am happy to share additional information about secure chatting in
IM+ Pro7 app here

*Would you please contribute in spreading a word with mentioned above

IM+ download links for iOS   <> and

If you will need codes / keys, feel free to request

Kind Regards,
Ani Karapetyan
PR Manager at SHAPE

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aboutme:ani.karapetyan.9461 <>
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