transparent ntlm authentication in pidgin

David Woolley forums at
Thu Oct 17 03:03:45 EDT 2013

On 17/10/13 06:06, Вадим wrote:

> authentication transparently? I mean, when I log in at doman the data
> will automatically transfer to Pidgin, and I'll never need to change
> password on it. Is that way?

Windows will never give application programs raw credentials.  However 
this thread: 
<> suggests 
it may be possible to use Kerberos.

I don't know enough about that environment to say for sure this can be 
done, but this is going to be the only possible route, so I'd suggest 
reading the thread a bit more carefully than my initial glance.

(Note that NTLM normally refers to a pre-Kerberos authentication protocol.)

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