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Good evening,

I am just guessing with this advice, btw.

On 7 October 2013 15:28, Sebastian Bergström
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> Hello. I use XMPP in a iOS app of mine and i just implemented emoticon
> support. Now when i use pidgin with the same chat all the emoticons turned
> to this "\ud83d\ude03" etc. Is there a codec for this?
> What character were you trying to send? Because it looks like you are
sending something that is specific to a particular font:

If you are sending Emoji then that is really dependant on the receiver
having the font installed to display them, I see that Mac OSX10.7 and
Windows 8 support them [1]. However the majority of desktop users probably
are going to require to send an image instead.



P.S. On a side note I found this which made me chuckle:
"So it would seem that, to cut a long story short, Apple’s emoji are
directly incompatible with every other handset in the world."
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