URGENT: Please remove links to comparehomeloans.com.au

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Thu Nov 28 20:21:51 EST 2013

compare homeloans spake unto us the following wisdom:
> We have recently received a Google link spam warning due to a number of
> poor sitewide links appearing in our backlink profile and your website was
> one of the domains flagged as problematic. There are links to our website
> www.comparehomeloans.com.au on this page of your site that I would like
> removed please:

This isn't urgent.  In fact, it's fantastic.  Normally I lament when
our spam filters let spam through, but in this case I'm thrilled! What
I'm reading here is, "we're worthless spammers and now it's coming
back to bite us" -- which is amazing, and awesome, and gives me a warm
glow inside here on Thanksgiving day.  In fact, I am now giving thanks
that your spam is damaging your page ranking.

All of this is really an aside, though, because we don't typically
prune the archives.  It's a lot of effort for very little reward.  It
is possible that at some point in the future there will be spam
pruning of those archives and that link will be removed, but it's

> http://pidgin.im/pipermail/tracker/2011-May/072471.html
> Please let me know once the link has been removed.

That almost certainly won't happen.  You can check from time to time
and see what happens.

Reflect upon your past evils, and be a better company.


P.S. -- Future missives of this type might engender more favorable
responses if you first apologize for being a filthy, rotten
dirt-sucking spammer, declare your intention to change your ways, and
then ask nicely for a second chance.

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