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Wed Nov 13 16:34:58 EST 2013

On 13/11/13 09:42, Phil Hannent wrote:

> 1, Android has a native development kit so that C and C++ code can run
> on Android, however yes you need a version for each processor
> architecture, although generally ARM and x86 are going to cover the
> market.

I may be wrong, but my impression was that ARM was more of an 
architecture tool kit than a single architecture and a common subset may 
be very low performance, or not even exist (there is not so much of an 
imperative to maintain the equivalents of Microsoft's 32 and even 16 bit 

> 5, APK install files for Android can be installed from a download or
> memory card, you just need to turn off verification in the developer
> settings of your Android phone. However the Android App store probably
> doesn't have the restrictions on GPL code that Apple has.

Does APK support native code?  I would have thought things like the app 
permission system where implemented in the Java side.

6) A fot finger touch screen environment is very different from a fine 
pointing mouse one (although I think sometime people really mean a new 
libpurple application, rather than a port of Pidgin, which is the user 

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