Problem with 'NOT AUTHORIZED'

Mark Doliner mark at
Fri Nov 8 02:34:25 EST 2013

Hi Dursh. I would be surprised if this problem was somehow related to
SSL/TLS certificates. Those types of problems usually surface as
"unable to connect" errors, or "the server you connected to is using
an untrusted certificate."

Whereas the problem you described sounds more like you connected fine,
but for some reason the MSN servers think that these people have not
granted you permission to see their availability status. Two
1. Try removing one of the people from your buddy list, then check
Tools-->Privacy and make sure the person is not listed in the "Block
only the users below" list. Then re-add the person (you'll probably
need to wait for them to approve your request again).
2. Try signing in with an official MSN program. Possibly It's possible this alone could fix the
problem. If not, it might at least provide insight into what's

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