router problem

David Woolley forums at
Thu Nov 7 17:12:23 EST 2013

On 07/11/13 21:22, Art Sulenski wrote:
> There is a firewall on my new router, what do I do to set up either the

There is a firewall on most routers and certainly all likely to be used 
by home users, and that isn't new.

> router or Pidgin to use the messenger. My buddy list pops up but no one

What do you mean by the messenger?  The answer will depend on exactly 
which service you are trying to use.

However, for a consumer grade router, the initial assumption would be 
that you wouldn't have to do anything as running IM clients is something 
that consumers expect to be able to do out of the box.  Did you buy this 
retail, or did you get it from your ISP.  An ISP might lock it down for 
commercial reasons.

Routers used by business are much more likely to lock out IM clients.

> on my list sees me nor to I ever see them online. The router is a
> Linksys EA 3500.

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