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Fri Nov 1 21:32:44 EDT 2013

Whatever you've got, it's not connected to pidgin. pidgin installs only 
pidgin itself, and possibly GTK+ (although I think it's embedded in 
pidgin at this point anyway). There's no browser plugin or anything else 
included with pidgin.

Dave Warren

On 2013-11-01 18:27, Tom Mensel wrote:
> It also seems to have installed some "conduit" program on my browsers 
> that is very annoying.  I just closed every open program on my 
> computer and tried to uninstall Pidgin on my control panel and it told 
> me it was running and could not be uninstalled.  Help!!
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> On 2013-11-01 17:24, Tom Mensel wrote:
>     How do I uninstall this program.  My company is pissed that I
>     downloaded it and cannot get it off my computer.
> The same way you uninstall any other program on your operating system. 
> Assuming this is Windows, Control Panel --> Programs, select pidgin 
> and uninstall it.
> -- 
> Dave Warren

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