Difficulty connecting to a room

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Fri May 31 13:30:22 EDT 2013

Doodle spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Okay, let's see. How to explain? We play a video-game called Neverwinter
> Online that utilizes chat-rooms functional with Pidgin and through most of
> them, we're able to connect no problem.. However one is 'House Rin'Aghar'
> so the room would or should theoretically be called house+rin'aghar however
> it doesn't register and we're suspecting since spaces are expressed as +
> that the ' in House Rin'Aghar must be expressed some way else.

What protocol is this?  If it's a third-party plugin, you need to talk
to the plugin author.

That said, that looks like it's possibly URL encoded, try '.


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