Pidgin - Doesnt Open

David Woolley forums at
Sat May 25 08:08:08 EDT 2013

André Restolho wrote:
> The only thing that changed was last night's windows update. 

There weren't any unscheduled updates for Windows XP this month, so I 
can't see if I was affected.  Knowing exactly which updates were applied 
last night might give a clue.  On XP, you can request a historic log 
from Windows Update, if you start it explicitly.

> UPDATE: pidgin opens but it takes like 10 min.

Are you still getting a delay?  Otherwise, it might be the post-restart 
stage of the update.  If you are still getting a delay, the debug log 
should give a clue as to which stage in the startup is experiencing 

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>  > André Restolho wrote:
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>  > > Last night pidgin was working properly, but as of this morning it just
>  > > wont open. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits. How can i solve this?
>  >
>  > The best way of finding a solution when something suddenly stops working
>  > is to try to work out what has changed.
>  >
>  > As people often say that Pidgin failed to start, when it actually
>  > started, but failed to connect to the instant messaging service, you
>  > need to consider what may have happened in the local network, internet,
>  > and the instant messaging service, as well as what may have happened on
>  > your computer.
>  >
>  > Especially if there is a possibility of the instant message service
>  > having changed, make sure that you are using the most recent version of
>  > Pidgin.
>  >
>  > If this still doesn't give a clue to the problem, try to collect the
>  > debugging information identified in
>  > Look over it for
>  > clues as to what is going wrong. If you still can't work out what the
>  > problem is come back to this list with the details that you have found.
>  > N.B. this is a public mailing list, so be careful about any sensitive
>  > information.
>  >
>  > With a report that it has just stopped working, there is really not much
>  > more anyone can do other than to tell you how to gather more
>  > information, unless they have hands on access to your system.
>  >
>  > Regarding instant message service changes, it is possible that MSN could
>  > be finally shut down at any time now.

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