Skype and Google XMPP

Andrew Roffey andrew.roffey at
Tue May 21 17:55:38 EDT 2013

On 22/05/13 07:26, Preguntón Cojonero Cabrón wrote:
> Hi all,
> whats about:
> MSN and Skype ?
> and
> Google Talk - XMPP and new Hangouts ?
> Thanks.

MSN Messenger has been deprecated in favour of Skype. This means that
Pidgin users that have MSN won't be able to talk to other MSN users. (I
recall Microsoft announcing XMPP support a few years ago, but I never
used MSN so I don't know much about it).

Skype is proprietary software and uses a proprietary protocol, so there
aren't any libre replacements for it. Efforts by a researcher to
reverse-engineer Skype resulted in legal threats (admittedly it wasn't
clean-room reverse engineering).

Google Talk is being deprecated in favour of Google Hangouts, which
doesn't support XMPP.

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