Hostname vs Realm in XMPP

Ethan Blanton elb at
Tue May 21 09:59:46 EDT 2013

Paul spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Yeah, I am sure - I have "paul" in the username field and
> "" in the domain field.  Here is the SASL decoded:
> username="paul",realm="",nonce="2288122629",cnonce="dpeorOCYJP8E4895e54PuAkIwuNagqA7JNjG11gt/zY=",nc=00000001,qop=auth,digest-uri="xmpp/",response=afbb9d2c323c0a86fe9f77685284dbd9,charset=utf-8

Huh.  Can you check your Help | Build Information and tell me what it
says about Cyrus SASL?  If it's enabled, can you rebuild with
--disable-cyrus-sasl and see if that works?

> >>I doubt I am the only one where the domain name doesn't match the
> >>hostname exactly, so I must have something not configured right.
> >>The backend is an ejabberd server.
> >
> >Those of us with accounts on have exactly this setup, and it
> >works correctly.  Google Talk is also this setup, and works correctly.
> >Something else is going on here.
> Yes, I am assuming so - and I was assuming that ejabberd was the
> difference.  ejabberd doesn't announce the realm when it puts out
> the nonce, unlike jabber2.  I would be surprised if Gtalk didn't
> announce the realm either.

The server uses ejabberd, so that's not the difference there.

> But in the absence of an announced realm, does pidgin take it from
> the domain field?

I'd have to check the code.


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