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David Woolley forums at
Mon May 20 10:01:13 EDT 2013

Dalila Luna Moreno wrote:
> I just wanted to make Pidging folks aware that PIDGIN information from 
> our chat room is currently published and available on the internet.  It 
> is my understanding that PIDGIN is a proprietary software unique to 

Your understanding is incorrect.  Pidgin is open source software and is 
not in any way owned by Oracle.

> Oracle and therefore this information should not be available to anyone 
> outside Oracle.  I found this information in google just by typing my 
> name.  Here is the link 

Oracle have a user education problem.  They have failed to make it clear 
that the help link in Pidgin in for help in using the pidgin software, 
and not the Oracle internal, XMPP based, instant message service.  The 
Oracle users think that Pidgin is the instant message service, when it 
is actually just the particular tool being used to access that service. 
  As a result large numbers of Oracle users post to this, public, peer 
support, mailing list, rather than to Oracle's IT department.

It looks like you have made the same mistake twice.

Please note that the help dialogue, in which the address of this mailing 
list is given, clearly states that it is a public mailing  list.  The 
latest version, at least, also precedes this information by a warning to 
Oracle employees that they should contact their IT department instead. 
That is because of the large number of Oracle employees who, 
incorrectly, try to use this list for support with Oracle's internal 

Also note that nearly every time an Oracle user has made this mistake, 
they have been asked to request Oracle's IT department to improve their 
user education.

David Woolley
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