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*  It is my understanding that PIDGIN is a proprietary software unique to
> Oracle and therefore this information should not be available to anyone
> outside Oracle. *

You are incorrect.  Pidgin is a community supported product and is not
exclusive to Oracle.  Read more here:

*I found this information in google just by typing my name*

Since debug logs may contain conversation history, it is only natural that
from time to time conversations have made it to the list.  These
conversations were provided by Oracle employees at their own free will.
 This information would not otherwise be available to the community.  We do
not have access to your conversations.  It is most likely that someone
provided this to the mailing list and failed to remove your name.

Oracle has long been using Pidgin for business productivity and any content
posted was done so by an Oracle employee to this public list.

I would strongly recommend contacting Oracle IT on this issue.  They can
explain further.


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