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Thu May 16 16:27:05 EDT 2013

Kelly Strader wrote:
> This morning, I attempted to get into Pidgin but a message of “disabled” 

It is most unlikely that Pidgin would not let you in.  It is much more 
likely that your IM service won't let you in.  Knowing which one is 
likely to help.

> popped up.  I’ve tried everything but nothing works.

In that case, there is no hope.  On the other hand, if you have not 
actually tried everything, telling us what you have tried and the 
symptoms of the failure, in each case, might give us a clue.

Note that Pidgin has debug window, which can provide extra clues.

Generally, if it has suddenly stopped working, you need to look for what 
has changed.  That might be the service (e.g. MSN could close down at 
any time now), or the network you use to access it.

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