Setting Up Pidgin

Dave Warren davew at
Thu May 16 16:26:51 EDT 2013

On 2013-05-16 13:17, David Woolley wrote:
> Phil Hannent wrote:
>> "Regarding logging on server, you should really consult the 
>> documentation for your chosen server. This isn't the mailing list to 
>> ask very general questions about some other software."
> I don't think he means the IM server.  I think he want the client to 
> log to a network file server, rather than the local hard disk. He 
> might prefer a mechanism that doesn't allow the user of the client to 
> overwrite those logs, as it generally appears that he doesn't trust 
> his users.

If you don't trust your users, you really can't rely on client-side 
logging (or client-side-anything)

This really needs to be done at the server level to have anything 
approaching reliability.

Dave Warren

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