one more time

Ethan Blanton elb at
Thu May 16 15:07:17 EDT 2013

Kelly Strader spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Pidgin is a chat agent that integrates with other services like Olark,
> so he may have been confused by which chat agent you were having
> trouble logging in to.  When you write back to Ethan, tell him that
> you are not able to login to Pidgin.  Tell him the exact error that
> you get and include the screenshot that you sent to me this morning.
> That should help him determine if it is a Pidgin problem or not. If it
> is, then he should be able to help you.

Ahh, Olark.  I should have known.

"Not Authorized" is not a Pidgin problem.  It means your username
and/or password is wrong.  We can't help you with that, because we
don't know your username or password.

You cannot "login to Pidgin".  Pidgin does not have a login.  All it
does is log you into some third-party service (in this case, it sounds
like maybe Olark).  Your support rep is confused.  I'm sorry that
you're being shuttled back and forth, but your support rep sending you
to us is roughly equivalent to a mechanic telling you to take your car
back to the dealer because it's out of gas.

If there is some problem *other* than not authorized, we may be able
to help.  The burden is really on your organization's IT, though, in
cases like this.  We are all volunteers, and your organization got
Pidgin from us for free.


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