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Phil Hannent phil at
Tue May 14 04:16:44 EDT 2013

Good morning,

The insert image option is protocol specific. The code for each protocol
needs to have been written. I have just checked my 2.10.7 on windows and
here is the results:

XMPP/Jabber: No
Yahoo: No
AIM: Yes

Which protocols do you use?

Phil Hannent

On 14 May 2013 05:35, Henry <ffnordd at> wrote:

> I've been using pidgin for years, and I've always wondered why there is
> an "Insert Image" option in the "Converstaion" menu in the conversation
> window, since, in all of the many years that I've been using pidgin,
> that option has always, always, always been grayed out and unavailable
> to use. Is this just a tease? A bad joke on the part of some twisted
> demented developer? I haven't seen any plug-ins available to make it
> work either. I've used pidgin on Linux and Windows machines, and it's
> the same regardless of platform/OS version, etc. Please help me
> understand this anomaly.
> Thanking you in advance,
> Perplexed pidgin user.
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