Insert Image?

Henry ffnordd at
Tue May 14 00:35:50 EDT 2013

I've been using pidgin for years, and I've always wondered why there is
an "Insert Image" option in the "Converstaion" menu in the conversation
window, since, in all of the many years that I've been using pidgin,
that option has always, always, always been grayed out and unavailable
to use. Is this just a tease? A bad joke on the part of some twisted
demented developer? I haven't seen any plug-ins available to make it
work either. I've used pidgin on Linux and Windows machines, and it's
the same regardless of platform/OS version, etc. Please help me
understand this anomaly.

Thanking you in advance,

Perplexed pidgin user.

"It's a summons."
"What's a summons?"
"It means summon's in trouble."
		-- Rocky and Bullwinkle

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