Skype/Pidgin (msn) problem

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Fri May 10 07:58:58 EDT 2013

On 10 May 2013 09:46, David Woolley <forums at> wrote:

Carlos Barros wrote:

pidgin is like someone at fakeSkypeDomain.fakedomain

fakedomain doesn't seem to be either a currently allocated top level domain or a reserved one (like inavlid, test and example).  It would look like whoever chose that, in Microsoft, did not have a good understanding of correct use of domain names.

It sounds like you have merged your Skype and MSN accounts. They are one now. The Skype account needs a domain to talk to the MSN Server so Microsoft append that fake one for you.

Basically it looks like its working as expected. You are logged in twice, once to MSN and once to Skype. Chances are that with the merger Microsoft haven't yet coded a way to only send to the most recently active client so send to all logged on clients. Which is a reasonable proposition from their perspective.

Either way Pidgin cannot do anything about a server side issue.

So what are my alternatives to login in both skype and msn at the same time in linux? Skype surely doesn't provide a way to do it.
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