Google Talk offline messages

Bogdan Sass bogdan at
Wed May 22 17:32:35 EDT 2013

     Since Google switched from GTalk to Hangouts, I no longer receive 
ANY offline messages on my gtalk account. Which, as you can imagine, 
gets very annoying very fast (especially when people start getting mad 
at me for not replying to the messages they sent :) )

     Strangely enough, as much as I searched, I was unable to find any 
reference to this. Am I the only person having with this problem?

     If the problem is on my end, can anyone help me solve it? I am 
using Pidgin 2.10.7, on Win7 x64.

     If this is a Pidgin-Hangouts interoperability problem, are there 
any plans to solve it?

     Thank you,

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