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Hello friend,
I feel this is not the right medium to communicate this to you but due to my present health condition, this is the only option I have. I have been living with Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Cancer of the Liver) for the past 4years and it?s getting severe day by day. Recently, it affected my walking ability and other parts of my senses. My doctors advised that I could live for less than half a year though I still believe that God will help me.
I have some money that I have decided to use in helping the poor, sick and needy. I need you to help me in distributing the fund. If you are capable of handling this task, then I will like you to respond to my e-mail. You will assure me that you will use the funds judiciously as I have stated. I will be waiting for your consent so I could let you know more about myself before we proceed.
Thank you,
Nena Rietveld
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