mac-to-pc chats

David Balažic david.balazic at
Sun Jun 23 01:17:34 EDT 2013

Have you tried to turn off the firewall on the desktop PCs that are having problems?
Or even on the laptop?

What firewall are you using? Note that some 3rd party firewalls block some network traffic even when "turned off".

It might also help to know which ports are used by each PC.
the netstat command gives that information.

On Windows it supports the -b option which prints what program is using each connection. (requires administrative privileges, I suggest running the CMD.exe as (local) Administrator, but not Pidgin, run Pidgin as as it is run normally)

Also check the used ports on the Macs.

Maybe the desktop PCs are using different ports than the others...

David Balažic

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> On an all-Mac, iChat-using network, I've now added a PC with 
> Pidgin.  Chatting between Mac and PC works perfectly -- as 
> long as the PC initiates the chat.  If I try to initiate the 
> chat from a Mac -- meaning the PC does not already have a 
> chat conversation window open for the Mac -- the chat sent by 
> the Mac never appears on the PC and on the Mac I get "The 
> instant messaging connection failed."  Yet I can immediately 
> chat from PC to Mac, and that works, and then I can chat back 
> from Mac to PC.
> Something I've missed in setup or configuration that's 
> preventing initial  chats from showing up on the PC?
> Thanks!
> Kevin
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