Problem with multi user chat in pidgin

Stanislavchuk Ivan stanislavchuk at
Tue Jul 23 08:28:17 EDT 2013

Dear Support team,

I am using Pidgin as a client for a xmpp multi user chat protocol, i.e muc.
There is problem with invitation management that is done by Pidgin.

The case is following.
User 1 has joined a room and he invites User 2 to join the same room.
User 2 receives the invitation and a dialog apperas asking to Accept chat
At this point User 2 has two options, accept or reject(cancel).
If user 2 accepts the invitation, he is joined to the room and can start
chating. It is all ok.
But if he does not accept, then nothing the dialog is closed but user 1
does not know if his invitation was rejected.

And I found invitation rejection message is not sent by Pidgin to XMPP
server by using XMPP debug/console plugin, which comes with Pidgin.

The reject message that should be sent by pidgin to the service is
described in
Example 58. Invitee Declines Invitation

Could you please provide information regarding this problem. If it is know,
plans to fix.
If it is necessary creating a ticket, I will do it.

Thank you and best regards,
Ivan Stanislavchuk
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