Pidgin and BlacBerry

David Woolley forums at
Mon Jul 22 05:49:35 EDT 2013

On 22/07/13 09:43, ludovic.legoff at wrote:
> So, you confirm there is no way to install Pidgin on a BlackBerry curve?
> Is this installation planned in the future?

As Pidgin is a volunteer project, it is very difficult to say whether it 
has plans, as you would have to ask all the volunteers.

However there are technical difficulties in porting it to BlackBerry, 
e.g. see and

Also, would a program that is designed for PC sized screens and a mouse 
really work that well on a BlackBerry?

I wonder if you are confusing Pidgin with one of the IM services that 
you use.

>> Message du 19/07/13 18:52
>> De : "Ethan Blanton"
>> ludovic.legoff at spake unto us the following wisdom:
>>> I use Pidgin in my company as the internal instant messenger.
>>> I have acquired a BlackBerry curve and I would like to install Pidgin on it.
>>> How to proceed?
>> You cannot.

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