Can't connect to MSN account

Makoto makoto092 at
Sun Jul 21 18:53:21 EDT 2013

On 07/21/2013 01:46 PM, Michael Secord wrote:
> As this started this week, it's likely due to the fact that Microsoft
> moved live messenger to Skype and have finally shut down their old
> services. There's no way around this currently and pidgin will not
> support Skype as the protocol is not public.
> -Michael

I don't know... I had this problem, with the same error, last Monday... 
but by Wednesday, Pidgin was connecting to MSN, again, and I haven't had 
any issues since.

To be honest, I'm surprised we've been able to connect to MSN for this 
long.  Didn't Microsoft give a definitive shutdown date?

(Well, that and I'm not sure I want to use Skype.)

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