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On 18 July 2013 05:36, Makaru K <kmakaru at> wrote:

> Dear Sir,
> I use pidgin 2.10.6. I install my own ejabberd server. I cannot send file
> into a group chat but can send to a individual one by one. It seems that
> the UI does not allow to drop. I found that Jitsi cannot send files to
> group, too. Is this a standard behavior?
> Hi,

I am not aware of any standards which support this activity, there are
several considerations when trying to transfer files to a group of users.
Primarily bandwidth for sending, storage, waiting for acceptance from each
party and potential to spam groups of people with unwanted requests.

Whilst none of these issues are insurmountable the do offer an explanation
as to why it has not been implemented to date.

One of the Google Summer of Code students projects is to deal with a
protocol agnostic file transfer method using HTTP which might get you to
what you are looking for when it is complete:

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