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You have an insanely GREAT product with many features that make your IM
preferable to Yahoo.   The main attractions for me are the capability to
organize contacts in separate folders with tabs enabling the user to
prioritize and segregate contacts.   This is far superior to the scattered
Yahoo windows.  If you have over 20 contacts, you need a way to isolate the
important contacts from the routine ones  .


I am writing you because I apparently have lost one capability after leaving
my previous job.   I had installed a plug in that allowed me to broadcast
messages to all the members of one folder.  This was very useful.  In my
previous job, whenever I needed a quotation or indication I found the
ability to broadcast to select members of a folder instantaneously to be
quite helpful.


After leaving my job, I installed Pidgin on my new PC but was unable to
reacquire this broadcasting capability.  All my contacts and folders are in
tact; however, before I was able to right click on a folder and send a
message to all of the contacts in that folder.  This was NOT a chat.  The
broadcast would initiate individual conversations and I could talk direct
with each one.


Greatly appreciate your help on this.



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