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Luke Sheldrick luke at
Fri Nov 27 16:45:01 EST 2009

I've also noticed this behaviour recently, only with msn. It reverts
to my email address, rather than my preferred screenname.

This happens on both Linux (Fedora 12 and Windows (7) so would suspect
it is m$ rather than pidgin/libpurple causing this, as have seen this
behavior manifest it's self, with no local client updates.

Can anyone confirm?

On 27 Nov 2009, at 21:39, "maurizio.malavolta" <maurizio.malavolta at
 > wrote:

> Good evening.
> I found a problem a week ago using pidgin. I use only with MSN
> protocol
> and worked well for a lot of time, but now i found these problem:
> - Every time i start Pidgin and it connects, i must re-enter my Alias,
> becuase every time i start the program i found my Alias with my
> first name;
> - On the contact list, every time i start it, the saved aliases put on
> my contacts vanish, so i see only the original emil (like
> aaaabbb at, until they connect again;
> - Some contact cannot send me messages because the server said that is
> impossible to send message.
> I have port forwarding problem? Or is only a problem caused by
> hotmail's
> servers?
> Waiting an answer, thank you for making such a good program!
> Maurizio.
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