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Adding Intel Corporation to cover all our bases here:

(19:25:17) rlaager: arjan: How should I list you in COPYRIGHT?
(19:26:08) arjan: if you want to add me: Arjan van de Ven <arjan at>
(19:26:21) arjan: but it's such a small change that I don't think I deserve that privilege ;)
(19:26:47) rlaager: arjan: We add people for even a single character change. ;) By which word does your last name alphabetize?
(19:27:01) arjan: eh. if you're in .nl, by "Ven"
(19:27:08) arjan: but.. in english usually by "van"
(19:27:53) rlaager: arjan: Is any of this work copyright Intel?
(19:28:09) arjan: rlaager: I think Intel considers it too small to be copyrigthable
(19:29:05) arjan: rlaager: but otherwise if you think it is then yes it's all Intel

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