[Pidgin] #8500: Pidgin ignores Communigate roster answer

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Tue Feb 24 14:26:07 EST 2009

#8500: Pidgin ignores Communigate roster answer
 Reporter:  birnenschnitzel     |           Owner:  deryni
     Type:  defect              |          Status:  new   
Milestone:                      |       Component:  XMPP  
  Version:  2.5.4               |      Resolution:        
 Keywords:  roster communigate  |   Launchpad_bug:        

Comment(by darkrain42):

 This is pretty broken behavior on the part of communigate.
 [http://xmpp.org/rfcs/rfc3920.html#rules-noto rfc3920] states (and
 #rules-noto-IQ rfc3920bis-08] clarifies explicitly) that the reply to an
 IQ with no 'to' address (the roster fetch) should be processed by the
 server on behalf of the user's account (i.e. bare JID) and the response's
 'from' attribute should be either blank or the user's bare JID.

 That said, it certainly would be possible for pidgin to handle this
 brokenness and, if deryni is okay with it, I can create a patch to handle

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