pidgin / msn authentification problem

David Woolley forums at
Fri Jul 26 03:21:51 EDT 2013

On 26/07/13 08:12, sabine kirchner wrote:
> hi. since today I am no longer able to access my account. I don't
> remember my password and therefore don't know whether the one I am
> entering is correct. I also sometimes seem to be connected (available)
> but then my buddy list is not shown and I can't add new buddies either.
> my pidgin msn account is: sabine.kirchner at
> <mailto:sabine.kirchner at>

Your account is with Microsoft, not Pidgin.  Pidgin simply forwards the 
password to Microsoft (directly, give or take any local proxies, from 
your machine to theirs).  You will need to solve this using one of 
Microsoft's own MSN clients, as officially Microsoft don't even permit 
the use of Pidgin on MSN, so any support request to them that mentions 
Pidgin is likely to be rejected.

You may also want to consider that MSN could be closed down outside of 
China, any time now, as Microsoft want most of their users to move over 
to Skype.  For legal reasons, Pidgin cannot be made to work with Skype. 
  I suppose it is possible that your failure is because the service has 
just been closed for Germany.

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