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Hi David,

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> Shlomi Fish wrote:
> > 
> > Skype is proprietary and 32-bit only and is now owned by Microsoft (so its
> > future on Linux is uncertain). Emesene and Empathy are open-source as well,
> > and
> They are also single service clients.

Actually, Empathy is a multi-protocol client. Moreover, I think Emesene
supports XMPP too.

> > 
> >> It should use GTK3 and even follow a completely new design
> >> concept.
> > 
> > I suppose one can port Pidgin to Gtk+ 3. It does not mean it should run
> > only on Linux though, because Gtk+ 3 is available on Windows and Mac OS X.
> > 
> One of the biggest problems I find with the Linux world is that everyone 
> keeps using the latest libraries.  That means every time I build from 
> source, I seem to have to track down, build, and install half a dozen 
> new libraries before I can build the primary package, if I'm not to have 
> to do a complete install of the latest generation of the OS 
> distribution.  Unless a library offers a fundamental advantage, one 
> should stick with the tried and trusted ones.

Well, you can always upgrade the operating system's distribution. I try to keep
my systems up-to-date this way, and look down on people who don't upgrade
regularly. In any case, Joel on Software spoke about the issue of requiring the
latest version vs. making sure everything is backwards compatible here: .


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