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Sat Oct 27 08:47:11 EDT 2012

Hi Pidgin Project,

I'm a big fan of the Pidgin project but also of the elementary project too.
Pidgin needs some kind of refresh because it's slowly losing all their main
It should be rewritten and learn of his mistakes and perhaps follow new
design guidelines.
The importance of Pidgin will become smaller and smaller.
On Windows nearly all users use Windows live Messenger, Skype and there
will be so many other im clients in the Windows 8 appstore, so there is no
need for Pidgin.
On the linux platform we also have a lot of im clients like Skype, Emesene
and even Empathy (which is very GNOME integrated), ...

As Pidgin uses GTK as a toolkit it should only concentrate on the Linux
platform. It should use GTK3 and even follow a completely new design
I'm talking about the elementary design concept, it has no menu-bar and the
most apps are all simple to use.

At first Pidgin would start as a community project and later even as an
official elementary project if it respects all the elementary guidelines.

Why i'm telling this ? Actually many GNOME distributions don't use Pidgin.
Elementary is looking for volunteers to create a new im Client.
They already started a provisional im client project called

Features of this im client would be :

- Single window for the contacts and conversation
- Conversation Themes
- Super simple Interface
- No Menu-bar
- Using telepathy tubes
- ...

There are some of elementary mockups floating around like this

I think actually there aren't a lot of elementary developers with an "im
client developing experience" so please help elementary by contributing to
Another possibility is to modify pidgin but for doing that it has to follow
the elementary standards like no menu-bar, the gui should be very simple to
use and it should be written as much as possible in Vala.

Please help the elementary project on creating an amazing im client which
would be a serious competitor for Empathy.
Kind Regards Steven F.
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