messages sometimes are incoming twice

Matthias Apitz guru at
Mon Oct 22 09:19:34 EDT 2012


Sometimes, esp. while chatting with contacts in Latin America, I see
messages incoming twice, like this example ("Dali" is the remote buddy):

(21:19:28) guru: pues, acá en el otoño, con frío y un resfriado :-)
(21:19:44) Dali: si,por aca tambien es otoño
(21:19:49) Dali: con mucho sol, jejeje
(21:19:53) Dali: con mucho sol, jejeje
(21:38:41) guru: Dali, una pregunta
(21:39:20) Dali: si?
(21:39:25) Dali: si?

What is causing this? The contact goes via Yahoo and my Pidgin is 2.10.0
on FreeBSD 10-current.

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