Need Assistance: Save Chat Messages

Matthias Apitz guru at
Tue Oct 16 14:52:20 EDT 2012

El día Tuesday, October 16, 2012 a las 10:58:25PM +0530, Kiran Ananthu escribió:

> Hi Team,
> I have pidgin and would like to know how to save chat messages into my 
> local folder. How can I later retrieve it?

Hi Kiran,

You do not say anything about the OS you are using (and so I supose it
is Windows, because Linux or FreBSD folks know that there are other OS
and would have mention this). On a normal Linux or FreeBSD OS the chat
dialogues are just plain UTF-8 text files and are store below:


You can later read them with any text tool, like for example 'vi'.


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