pidgin 2.10.3 pci wifi

klein klein at
Wed Oct 31 21:33:12 EDT 2012

	Dear Pidgin
	This is going to be long so bear with me.
	I have a dell dimension 5100 witch i connect to my wifi home network by
means of a pci wifi card, signal is good i can surf the net just fine,
with pidgin i can im other computers just fine but when i try texting a
cell phone it gives me an error. my screen name is an aim screen name
and the cell phones are entered as +1xxxxxxxxxx.
	This hasn't worked for a while maybe a couple of years. three different
computers, different ubuntu's and different versions of pidgin, from
wifi it doesn't text a cell phone.
	so this is my setup now, one dell 5100 with wifi pci card dule
booted xp pro and xubuntu 12.04, pidgin 2.10.3:

1. pidgin xubuntu 12.04 32bit can text other computers can not text cell

2. pidgin xp pro 32bit can text other computers can not text cell

3. aim xp pro 32bit can text other computers and can text cell
in the three examples i'm using the same aim account  
i would say it was xubuntu but it doesn't work wireless with xp
either !!!!!!!!!!!
		there seems to be a bug when texting a cell phone from a computer that
is connected to the Internet via wifi and pci, i tried connecting a
linksys wifi usb adapter to another computer of mine and well that
really don't work well. 
i have a dell 1525 laptop with a pci wifi and when i go to hotells it
will not text a cell phone but connected to cat5 it works fine, ubuntu
10.04 64bit. 
I'm going to try and attach three files from my dell dimension 5100,
		one is the lspic witch list all the pci devices 
		one is the debug window from xubuntu and pidgin
		one is the debug window from xp pro and pidgin

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