Suddenly unable to connect to AIM

Paul paulb104 at
Wed Oct 17 10:21:55 EDT 2012


Yesterday I was able to use AIM via Pidgin. Today it's not working. I was 
running Pidgin 2.10.4, and upgraded to 2.10.6.

Below is the debug text. Hopefully someone can deduce the issue and help me 
solve it!

Thanks :)


(09:53:38) connection: Connecting. gc = 049C4C40
(09:53:38) oscar: Registered modules: alert (family=0x0018, version=0x0001, 
toolid=0x0010, toolversion=0x0629), auth (family=0x0017, version=0x0000, 
toolid=0x0000, toolversion=0x0000), icq (family=0x0015, version=0x0001, 
toolid=0x0110, toolversion=0x047c), feedbag (family=0x0013, version=0x0004, 
toolid=0x0110, toolversion=0x0629), bart (family=0x0010, version=0x0001, 
toolid=0x0010, toolversion=0x0629), chat (family=0x000e, version=0x0001, 
toolid=0x0010, toolversion=0x0629), chatnav (family=0x000d, version=0x0001, 
toolid=0x0010, toolversion=0x0629), stats (family=0x000b, version=0x0001, 
toolid=0x0104, toolversion=0x0001), userlookup (family=0x000a, 
version=0x0001, toolid=0x0110, toolversion=0x0629), bos (family=0x0009, 
version=0x0001, toolid=0x0110, toolversion=0x0629), popup (family=0x0008, 
version=0x0001, toolid=0x0104, toolversion=0x0001), admin (family=0x0007, 
version=0x0001, toolid=0x0010, toolversion=0x0629), messaging 
(family=0x0004, version=0x0001, toolid=0x0110, toolversion=0x0629), buddy 
(family=0x0003, version=0x0001, toolid=0x0110, toolversion=0x0629), locate 
(family=0x0002, version=0x0001, toolid=0x0110, toolversion=0x0629), 
oservice (family=0x0001, version=0x0003, toolid=0x0110, 
toolversion=0x0629), misc (family=0xffff, version=0x0000, toolid=0x0000, 
(09:53:38) oscar: Registered handlers: 0001/0001, 0001/0005, 0001/000f, 
0001/0013, 0001/001f, 0002/0003, 0003/0001, 0003/0003, 0003/000b, 
0003/000c, 0004/0007, 0004/000a, 0004/000b, 0004/0014, 0007/0003, 
0007/0005, 0007/0007, 0008/0002, 0009/0001, 0009/0003, 000a/0001, 
000a/0003, 000d/0001, 000d/0009, 000e/0001, 000e/0002, 000e/0003, 
000e/0004, 000e/0006, 0010/0005, 0013/0001, 0013/0003, 0013/0006, 
0013/0008, 0013/0009, 0013/000e, 0013/0015, 0013/0019, 0013/001b, 
0013/001c, 0017/0003, 0017/0007, 0017/000a, 0018/0001, 0018/0007, 
ffff/0003, ffff/0006,
(09:53:38) oscar: oscar_login: gc = 049C4C40
(09:53:38) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for
(09:53:38) dnsquery: IP resolved for
(09:53:38) proxy: Attempting connection to
(09:53:38) proxy: Connecting to with no proxy
(09:53:38) proxy: Connection in progress
(09:53:39) proxy: Connecting to
(09:53:39) proxy: Error connecting to (Connection 
(09:53:39) proxy: Connection attempt failed: Connection refused.
(09:53:39) oscar: unable to connect to FLAP server of type 0x0017
(09:53:39) connection: Connection error on 049C4C40 (reason: 0 description: 
Unable to connect to authentication server: SSL Connection Failed)
(09:53:39) account: Disconnecting account paulb104 (00CF0068)
(09:53:39) connection: Disconnecting connection 049C4C40
(09:53:39) oscar: Destroying FLAP connection 04A257F8
(09:53:39) oscar: Destroying oscar connection (04A257F8) of type 
0x0017.  Disconnect reason is 0
(09:53:39) oscar: Disconnected.  Code is 0x0000 and msg is
(09:53:39) oscar: Signed off.
(09:53:39) connection: Destroying connection 049C4C40

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